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Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama

Hotep to the Beautiful Parents of Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School!
We are so happy to have our family reunited again as we start a brand-new school year.  We hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer and that you are bringing to the school year 2022-23 a renewed commitment to growth and excellence.  This year our motto is one word:  Kujenga or which means build in Kiswahili.  With your help, we hope to build a better school, help build stronger family connections and ultimately build a better world.
To get our school year started off on the right we are planning a series of Open House Meetings.  Our meetings will be remote and will take place September 13 for lower school, September 14 for middle school, and September 15 for upper school.  All meetings begin at 6:00 pm.  The link will be on our website and on the Back-to-School flyer so be on the lookout.  
We are also excited about some of the changes in curriculum.  We have a new math curriculum for grades 1-8 that we think you will love.  We are going back to some of our Pre-COVID practices so expect less work on computers and good ole fashion reading of actual books and writing with actual pen and paper.  We hope you will join us for our Back to School Night so that you will learn more about what we plan to do this year.  
Again, thank you for being a part of this great village.  We love being in community with you and having the opportunity to love and learn with your children   Let’s start building a great and memorable school year.  Can’t wait to see your children tomorrow!
In Love and in Community,
Dr. Ayesha Imani, CEO and Baba Isa Clark, COO

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Mission and Vision

Sankofa Freedom Academy is a college preparatory K-12 freedom school that will build on the Philadelphia Freedom Schools model to increase literacy and numeracy levels throughout the community, promote respect for scholarship, servant leadership, conflict resolution, and cultural democracy. Through the use of African Centered and culturally responsive methodologies, Sankofa Freedom Academy will engender in its students, staff, and community a love for learning, pride in heritage and a commitment to personal and societal transformation. By operationalizing the adage, “each one / teach one”, Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School will build intergenerational learning communities in which each and every person is responsible to learn in order to teach, and teach in order to build a better world.

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