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Core Principles and Values

Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School is founded on life-affirming principles that are designed to build and maintain a peaceful productive community where everyone is valued and everyone is expected to contribute something valuable to the collective. Thus, the members of the Sankofa community affirm that the freedom they seek is the freedom to be their best selves, so that they can build strong relationships, healthy families, and a peaceful world characterized by justice and harmony.

To accomplish this, Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School must be a place where everyone is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually –safe. Subsequently, it is imperative that each member (scholars, servant leaders, facilitators, elders) commit themselves as individuals to reflecting the virtues of Maat and Djehuty:

  •  Scholarship
  •  Order
  •  Balance
  •  Harmony
  •  Justice
  •  Truth
  •  Righteousness
  •  Reciprocity

In addition, the collective, is compelled to work communally to reflect the principles of the Nguzo Nane (Eight Principles):

  • Heshima (Respect)
  • Umoja (Unity)
  • Kujichaglia (Self-Determination)
  • Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)
  • Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)
  • Nia (Purpose)
  • Kuumba (Creativity)
  • Imani (Faith)

The first and greatest concern of an employee shall be to promote Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School’s mission to provide students with a quality education in a safe environment.  One that reflects Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School’s commitment to the highest ethical standards.

All Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School  employees are expected to acknowledge and accept responsibilities stated in this Code and to interpret and apply them so as to create an environment that fosters public and collegial trust; personal and institutional integrity; high levels of competence and accountability; and a positive atmosphere characterized by integrity, fairness, respect, and caring.  As such, in carrying out the functions of their positions, all employees are expected to reflect the virtues of Maat, Djehuty, and the Nguzo Saba in their behavior:

1.      Be truthful, honest, and righteous; 

2.      Treat all persons with respect; 

3.      Take responsibility and demonstrate accountability for their actions;

4.      Strive to be fair in all matters;

5.      Pursue excellence in all things scholarship, culture, community, and leadership;

6.      Uphold all communal policies and rules;

7.      Avoid conflicts of interest or any appearance of impropriety;

8.      Work in cooperation with others to protect and improve Sankofa Freedom; Academy Charter School community and advance the well-being of students, staff, and all others in the community; and

9.      Represent the Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School in a manner that engenders public    trust in its integrity and competence; and reflects the best of Africana culture and history.