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Dress Code Policy

Sankofa Freedom Academy Uniform Requirement 2021-2022


Lower School Uniform (K-4): Black shoes, black pants or skirts (Sorry, no Dickies, no cargos, no denim, or labeled pants), black knee-length skirts, Green Sankofa polo shirt with logo or Sankofa Lower School green dashiki.

Religious over-garment must be solid green or black


Middle School Uniform (Grade 5-8): Black shoes, black pants or skirts, (Sorry, no Dickies, no cargos, no denim, or labeled pants), end Sankofa polo shirt with logo or Sankofa red dashikis. Religious over-garment must be a solid red or black. No earrings larger than a quarter.


Upper School:  (9th and 10th grade): Any color shoe, black pants, black skirts (below the knee), black or gold Sankofa polo shirt with logo or Sankofa Black and/or any color dashikis.


Upper School: (11th and 12th grade): Black pants, black skirt, white Sankofa dress shirt with Sankofa logo, black pull over sweater vest with Sankofa Logo, Sankofa blazer (optional), Sankofa senior dashikis

School Uniform Polo and Dress shirts can be purchased at Kramers  Uniform store at 4533  Frankford Ave. Their telephone number is  215-743-0750.  For your convenience,  there will also be a limited number of uniforms available for purchase here at Sankofa starting on August 19th. Dashikis should be purchased directly from Sankofa Freedom Academy. Please shop early.


Gym days will now have a mandatory uniform requirement. Those uniforms will consist of a Sankofa t-shirt and black sweat pants.

Students will be encouraged to wear their dashikis any day they like, but especially on Fridays to Harambee.


School uniforms and dashikis will be sold at Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter school on the following dates and times:

  • August 24th to August 31st - 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Saturday, August 28th - 12:00pm to 4:00pm


***Uniforms will NOT be sold the first week of school***