Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama

Tujenge Pamoja!  (Let’s build together)!
We feel blessed to say that school year 22-23 has gotten off to a smooth start.  We are so grateful to have another opportunity to work with our scholars and servant leaders and grow smarter, stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.  In order to build together, we have to show up!!!! In this newsletter edition, we celebrate students of the month and  our attendance warriors for the month of September and the first 2 weeks of October.  These are children that already have perfect attendance.  We want to congratulate them and their families.
This is to remind parents that the State of Pennsylvania, the federal government, and the school district of Philadelphia have a new way of measuring attendance.  IN ORDER FOR YOUR CHILD TO BE CONSIDERED HAVING GOOD ATTENDANCE THEY MUST  BE IN SCHOOL 95% of the time during a given year.  This means that they cannot have more than 9 absences during the course of the year.  When your child’s attendance dips below 90%, which means 18 days absent during the year, they are considered CHRONICALLY TRUANT OR CHRONICALLY ABSENT!  We are asked to report your child’s attendance to all of these entities.  
Please remember that in order to truly excel your child must be here.  Also, please consider that you want all the governmental documentation on your child’s school experience to be as positive as possible.  We will help you by sending reminders of when your child is absent and when those absences are growing.  Let’s make a commitment this year to shine in every area of school performance, especially attendance.  Looking forward to seeing your child’s face in the place over 95% of the time.  I will end this message as it was started.  
Tujenge Pamoja -  let’s build together!  Attendance is the key.