Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama

To Sankofa Parents and Caregivers!
Welcome to school year 23-24.  I love new beginnings and every school year is just that.  Each year we get to start again.  We set new goals.  We explore new strategies and new solutions to old challenges.  We get to refine and redefine our practice.  We get to work on our shortcomings and enhance the good attributes that we have.  This year our theme is Kuwajibika, which means accountable or responsible in Kswahili.  This year we want to make sure that our children and families know that they can count on us.  We want to be accountable for walking the walk that is encapsulated in our African value systems:  the Nguzo Nane and the virtues of Maat.
We promise to do all that we can to stay in communication, to operate with transparency, and to push ourselves to be creative and consistent in how we solve problems together.  We want to be accountable not only to you, but to our families, our ancestors, our nation, and the generations yet to come.
This year starts our 15th year and some of you have been on this journey from 2009 until now.  However, whether you are a legacy parent or just joining us this year, please know that we cherish the opportunity to be in community with you and your children.  We take being a Freedom School seriously, as we continue to educate our children so that they have the presence, passion, priorities, and practical skills to continue the work of our ancestors to create spaces where all human beings can live in peace with justice.  Kuwajibika – let’s hold one another accountable to ensure that our children grow and glow in mind, body and spirit.  School year 2023-2024 – Let’s go!

In community,
Dr. Ayesha Imani, CEO