Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama

Take a deep breath! Just when you thought 2020 could not get more stressful, here comes a nail biting too close to call presidential race in the midst of a pandemic.  It has been so hard not to be filled with anxiety and stress.  It is so important in times such as these that you take extra steps to do two things:  First, take care of yourselves.  There are few things harder than being a parent and needing to explain a tipsy-topsy world to your children.  We can only do that by staying calm, staying hopeful, and staying open to their questions and concerns.  Make time to meditate, journal, do yoga, garden, listen to soothing music, dance, or do whatever brings you bliss.  You can only provide continuous support for your children if you are replenishing yourself!  We would love to help you with self-care and intend to offer another series this year through our Title One parent program focused on self-love and self-care for parents.  Be on the look-out for our flyer and survey.