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First Name Last Name Title/Position Email Address
Ayesha Imani Head of School [email protected]
Isa Clark Chief Operations Officer [email protected]
Administrative Team
Shonte Watkins Director of Human Resources [email protected]
Anita Brinkley Financial Manager [email protected]
Justin  Trotman Director of Admissions
Sheantai Holliday-Washington Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Johnson Media Operations Support/Administrative Assistant
Marika Meekins Middle School Coordinator/Principal [email protected]
Special Ed Department
Tawana Williams k-8 Special Ed Coordinator [email protected]
January Washington Upper School Special Ed Coordinator [email protected]
Monique Turner Behavior Specialist [email protected]
Irma McClendon Special Education 5/6 [email protected]
Rukiyyah Clark MS Resource ISS [email protected]
Nicole Cameron 7th/8th Special Education [email protected]
Jadine Walker Special Education US 9th/10th [email protected]
Brenda Saavedra ELL Coordinator/ High Transition Specialist/High School Counselor [email protected]
Upper School Staff
Tameka Bowman Upper School Coordinator [email protected]
Mukasa Ma’at Upper School Dean of Students [email protected]
Kelli Mickens Director of Servant Leadership [email protected]
Alicia Reed Student Support Specialist HS [email protected]
Curtis Davis Pol. Sci/Global Int./Med. Lit [email protected]
Cedric Hall Math (11,12) [email protected]
Nanyamka Wali Science (9,10) [email protected]
Veronica Gbesi English (11,12) [email protected]
Franchessca Dyer English (9,10) – Team Leader [email protected]
Alma Blassengale Science (11,12) [email protected]
Nzambu Muinde Math (9,10) [email protected]
Fernando Polanco Spanish (10,11) [email protected]
Chuck McLaughlin Middle and Upperschool Physical Education/Health  [email protected]
Gloria Jean     Martin ART - HS/MS [email protected]
Brenda Saveedra  High Transition Specialist/High School Counselor [email protected]
Middle School Staff
Marika Meekins Middle School Coordinator/Principal [email protected]
Katina Green Reading Specialist/ 5th Lit and SS [email protected]
Darrius Rowser Middle School Dean [email protected]
Darnetta Fuller MS Climate Specialist [email protected]
Maurice Mander 6-8 Social Studies [email protected]
Brian Glover Math 6/7B [email protected]
Daniel Porterfield 7A/8 Literacy [email protected]
Krystiannicole Nuble 5th – Math and Science [email protected]
Nikki Estrada Literacy 6/7B [email protected]
Reginald Glover 7A/8 Math/Team Leader/Math Head [email protected]
Sharod Blake 5th Grade ISS [email protected]
Chuck McLaughlin Middle & Upper School Physical Ed [email protected]
Dr. Phaedra Harris 6-8 Science [email protected]
Lower School Staff
Toni Winston Lower School Coordinator [email protected]
Mark Martinez Lower School Dean [email protected]
Sabrina Allen Physical Education (LS) [email protected]
Britney Samuelsen Lower School-4B [email protected]
Jadeyah Williams 4th grade - ISS [email protected]
Precious Daughtry Lower School -3A [email protected]
Tionya Robinson Lower School -3B [email protected]
Martiek Daughtry 3rd grade - ISS [email protected]
Angela Boyd Elementary – 2B [email protected]
Amanda Henderson Elementary-2A [email protected]
Draymond Jones 3rd grade - ISS [email protected]
Patricia Morales Elementary - 1A [email protected]
Lindsey Perkins Elementary - 1B [email protected]
Kamali Johnson 1st Grade ISS [email protected]
Renee Butler Kindergarten-K-1 [email protected]
Ebony Rogers Kindergarten ISS [email protected]
Dana Nuble Kindergarten-K-2 [email protected]
Mohamadu Sillah Kindergarten ISS [email protected]
Sabrina Allen Physical Education (LS) [email protected]
Dasha Halkin Art (LS) [email protected]
Technology Department
Elisha Tigah Director of Technology [email protected]
Delbert Hall Technology Specialist [email protected]
Michael Malachi Technology Specialist [email protected]
Health and Wellness
Ramona Poindexter-Garcia Nurse [email protected]
Joy Shelley Counselor [email protected]
Sharlmaine Franklin Behavior Specialist [email protected]
Brenda Saavedra ELL Coordinator/ High Transition Specialist/High School Counselor [email protected]
Maintenance/Custodial Staff
Jamil Humphrey Building Engineer [email protected]
Jose Rivera NTA/Custodial