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Our Program

A community based public K-12 Freedom School

For its elementary school scholar activists (grades K-8) Sankofa Freedom Academy offers:

  • A loving, safe learning environment where children are celebrated and respected.
  • Instruction that uses the history and culture of the students to inspire pride, promote scholarship, and foster a sense of purpose
  • Small group inter-generational instruction, where children, youth, adults, and elders learn and teach together.
  • Intense focus on literacy and numeracy that will provide a strong foundation in the basics and inspire a love for reading and a respect for learning
  • Community based research and learning that get students out of the class to solve problems in the real world
  • African Centered Cultural Arts Program – Dance, drumming, Martial Arts, Visual Arts,
  • Teachers and staff who believe in children, are accessible to parents, and never give up!
  • The Freedom School Way:
    • Harambee
    • DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time
    • Social Action
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Extended day, Saturday and Summer programming

For its high school servant leader scholars (grades 9-12) Sankofa Freedom Academy offers:

- Academically rigorous and intellectual stimulating education
- Opportunities for  internships, servant leadership and social action
- College preparatory curriculum which will include advanced placement classes
- Travel opportunities - national and international
- Opportunities to participate or serve in summer
- Freedom School Participation in athletics and extracurricular activities
- Afrikan Centered Socialization including
- Rites of Passage Training in field of education through literacy and numeracy corps

                                    Are your really ready for your freedom?
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