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Mission and Vision

Sankofa Freedom Academy is a college preparatory K-12 freedom school that will build on the Philadelphia Freedom Schools model to increase literacy and numeracy levels throughout the community, promote respect for scholarship, servant leadership, conflict resolution, and cultural democracy. Through the use of African Centered and culturally responsive methodologies, Sankofa Freedom Academy will engender in its students, staff, and community a love for learning, pride in heritage and a commitment to personal and societal transformation. By operationalizing the adage, “each one / teach one”, Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School will build intergenerational learning communities in which each and every person is responsible to learn in order to teach, and teach in order to build a better world .

Peace and Blessings from Dr. Mama: Making A Difference!

   Our children are just like us.  They want to feel that
   they matter and that they are making a difference in
   the world.  In October, for my 60th birthday, I had the
   opportunity to visit the school that our Sankofa
   Ambassadors travel to in Yallah, Jamaica.  It was so
   wonderful to stand in that school and look at the
   Sankofa shield and read the names of our Sankofa
   Freedom Academy servant leaders who had left
   their hand prints on the wall.

   What was more touching was to hear from people   
   who had met our children and realize that they had
   left prints on the hearts of many of the people with
   whom they spent time.  I am so proud of the work
   we are doing in our school.  I am so proud that we give students the opportunity to do service and community building projects in other countries and in other communities.

These experiences are life changing!  Yes, they are expensive.  Yes, it takes courage to send your child abroad.  Yes, it takes lots of sacrifice.  However, our children are worth it!  There is nothing more important than providing our  children with the type of education that empowers them to live their lives purposefully, productively, and proudly.  Our children are multi-talented, loving, brilliant, and  extremely capable.  On these service projects they get the opportunity to shine and to give of themselves to people who really appreciate them.

Whether it is home or abroad, let’s continue to teach our children to lend a hand, leave a hand print, or join hands with those standing against injustice.    Let us remind our children that everyone can serve no matter how young or old.  Let’s remind them of their responsibility to stand up for what is right and fair for all people around the world. Marian Wright Edelman, the President of the Children’s Defense Fund, says, “Service is the rent we pay for living.”  It is in our service to others, that we pay the debt we owe for the precious gift of life.

Thank you for believing in the kind of education that seeks to do more than simply prepare children for test, but helps them to develop the kind of moral excellence and global perspective that empowers them to be agents of change in the world.

Parent Information Session

March 12, 2015
April 9th, 2015

Freedom Writers 2014

​In 2012, a reported 10 million children suffered from parental incarceration! The Philadelphia Youth Network: Sankofa Freedom Writers have recognized the magnitude of the effects of mass incarceration on children and families and decided to take a stand. By signing this petition, you are joining us in advocating for the following recommendations for change in local and federal policies.

1. Allocate funding for community and school-based programs which serve and support children with incarcerated family members
2. End policies that evict families due to the incarceration of a member of the household

That's why I created a petition to The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, and 4 others.

Will you sign this petition? Click here


Title I Parent Notification

Greetings Parent/Guardian, Sankofa receives Title I funding and is included under the regulations of the “No Child Left Behind Act” (NCLB) that was signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002. NCLB is designed to improve student achievement by increasing federal involvement in public education both at the state and local level. NCLB requires significant changes to schools that receive Title I funding. To see the details, please click the link to the left titled "Title I Parent Notification".

Sankofa Bird News

Bro. Isaiah Thomas: Modeling the Freedom School Way!

Isaiah    In 1999, when he was a high school student, Bro. Isaiah joined the first
    cohort of servant leaders in the Philadelphia Freedom Schools
    Movement.  Ever since then, he has been finding new ways to model
    the freedom school message, that young people can make a
    difference in themselves, family, community, and world.  Bro. Isaiah
    Thomas, who is our Associate Dean of Students, has been a Freedom
    School servant leader intern, a national Ella Baker trainer, a site
    coordinator, project director and a member of the founding coalition of
    Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.  He has served as the
    founder of our athletic programs and has coached our basketball team
    into the state competition.  I guess you can tell we are very proud of
    Bro. Isaiah.  Well, he is making us proud again, as he announces his
    candidacy for a seat on the Philadelphia City Council.  We are grateful
    that Bro. Isaiah is giving our children a real life civics lesson in what it takes to run for elected office.  Thank you Bro. Isaiah and best wishes in your upcoming campaign.