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School Enrollment Lottery

The application deadline for the 2015-2016 lottery is April 23, 2015.  The lottery will take place on May 1, 2015 at 9:30 a.m.  You are welcome to attend, but you do not need to be present for your child to be included in the lottery.  Acceptance and waiting list notifications will be mailed to all applicants by May 30, 2015.


PowerSchool Parents Portal

Hello Parents , the administration and staff at
 Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School
 are excited to announce that we are at the
 point where we can provide you and your
 child (children) with access to current grades and attendance via PowerSchool Parent Portal. For more information, click on Parent's Page under "Links" above.

Mission and Vision

Sankofa Freedom Academy is a college preparatory K-12 freedom school that will build on the Philadelphia Freedom Schools model to increase literacy and numeracy levels throughout the community, promote respect for scholarship, servant leadership, conflict resolution, and cultural democracy. Through the use of African Centered and culturally responsive methodologies, Sankofa Freedom Academy will engender in its students, staff, and community a love for learning, pride in heritage and a commitment to personal and societal transformation. By operationalizing the adage, “each one / teach one”, Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School will build intergenerational learning communities in which each and every person is responsible to learn in order to teach, and teach in order to build a better world .

Peace and Blessings from Dr. Mama:
Counting Our Blessings, Planning Our Future! 

Wow family, its about to become a reality.  We shared in the last edition that we were pursuing a new building to house our two schools.  We were waiting to hear from the bank whether the loan for our mortgage was approved.  It is with great joy that I am reporting that our loan has been approved and we will be housed in our new home in July, 2015. 

While we were excited to hear the news, it was even more exciting to hold a meeting in Harambee Hall and have more than 200 parents come and affirm their commitment to our school.  When we gave out our surveys to see what parents thought about the move, not one parent indicated that they would not follow us to our new home.  As we prepare for moving day, I would like you to help us to think about what we need to take with us and what we need to leave behind.

I know that in order for us to be a greater school, there are practices and patterns that we cannot take into our new building.  We must not take our last minute notices!  We cannot take our inconsistency with communicating how your child is doing between interim and report cards.  We hope as we move into our new home that, as parents, you would recommit yourself to working closely with us to uplift your child.  This happens best by joining our Wazuri and attending our meetings the second Tuesday of every month!  WE hope that we would leave behind student and staff lateness.   We would love to leave behind any doubt that our children can do absolutely anything they put their minds to.  You know our children cannot do well if they are not here or if they are constantly absent.  We hope you will bring your positive commitment to be involved parents who work collaboratively with our school.

There are things we plan to take with us.  We will take our feeling of family.  We will take “Minute By Minute”, Seven Harambees and “Say and Do”!  We will take morning circles, libations, and “protocol”.  We will take DEAR time and liberation work that will be done every night.  We will take clean, neat, and “tucked in” uniforms (Leave all sneakers behind, please!).  We will take our love and concern for one another (No teasing and bullying allowed).  We will take PowerSchool and become better at using it to communicate how your children are progressing.  We will take with us our commitment to the Frankford community.  Although we are moving to 2501 Kensington Avenue, we are still a Frankford school!  We will still keep our commitment to our Frankford families.  We will work closely with Frankford organizations such as the Frankford CDC  and will reach out to Frankford organizations, churches, mosques, and other institutions to make sure we stay connected with what’s going on in the community.  Most importantly, we look forward to taking our beautiful, brilliant, caring, respectful scholars and servant leaders with us into our new building.  So now that I have given you a list, I would like you to think of what Sankofa needs to take into the new building, and what you want us to leave behind.  There are suggestion boxes in both the Main Office and the annex.  Please take a minute and communicate with us as we prepare for the big day. Thank each of you who interviewed with our educational auditors.  Thanks for all who have been praying for us.  Most of all thanks to you for sharing this journey with us.  Sankofa is changing lives, every day in every way.  Let’s take our faith  into our new school!

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Parent Information Session

February 19, 2015 March 12, 2015 April 9th, 2015
May 7, 2015
June 11, 2015

Freedom Writers 2014

​In 2012, a reported 10 million children suffered from parental incarceration! The Philadelphia Youth Network: Sankofa Freedom Writers have recognized the magnitude of the effects of mass incarceration on children and families and decided to take a stand. By signing this petition, you are joining us in advocating for the following recommendations for change in local and federal policies.

1. Allocate funding for community and school-based programs which serve and support children with incarcerated family members
2. End policies that evict families due to the incarceration of a member of the household

That's why I created a petition to The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, and 4 others.

Will you sign this petition? Click here


Title I Parent Notification

Greetings Parent/Guardian, Sankofa receives Title I funding and is included under the regulations of the “No Child Left Behind Act” (NCLB) that was signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002. NCLB is designed to improve student achievement by increasing federal involvement in public education both at the state and local level. NCLB requires significant changes to schools that receive Title I funding. To see the details, please click the link to the left titled "Title I Parent Notification".

Sankofa Bird News

Bro. Isaiah Thomas: Modeling the Freedom School Way!

Isaiah    In 1999, when he was a high school student, Bro. Isaiah joined the first
    cohort of servant leaders in the Philadelphia Freedom Schools
    Movement.  Ever since then, he has been finding new ways to model
    the freedom school message, that young people can make a
    difference in themselves, family, community, and world.  Bro. Isaiah
    Thomas, who is our Associate Dean of Students, has been a Freedom
    School servant leader intern, a national Ella Baker trainer, a site
    coordinator, project director and a member of the founding coalition of
    Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.  He has served as the
    founder of our athletic programs and has coached our basketball team
    into the state competition.  I guess you can tell we are very proud of
    Bro. Isaiah.  Well, he is making us proud again, as he announces his
    candidacy for a seat on the Philadelphia City Council.  We are grateful
    that Bro. Isaiah is giving our children a real life civics lesson in what it
    takes to run for elected office.  Thank you Bro. Isaiah and best wishes
    in your upcoming campaign.

Gotta Love the Sankofa A-Team!

So often we give shout outs to our children and staff for their many accomplishments.  Far too often, however, our ladies at the front desk go unheralded.  This month we want to give a shout out and express our appreciation to our two wonderful Administrative Assistants:  Mama Khem at the Main Building and Sis. Lisa at the Annex.  Both of these ladies try everyday to be helpful to parents, staff, and children.  At Main, Mama Khem Hopson serves every kind of problem imaginable.  She acts as nurse when Sis. Mona is off site, and seems to direct traffic in the very busy front office.  She handles her responsibility with such grace, and patience.  Sis. Lisa Reed is in the Annex with her warmth, sassiness, and style.  She is the Auntie, Big Sister, Second Mom and mentor to so many of our middle and high school students and staff.  If there is disruption in the hall or an uncovered class, count on Sis. Lisa to step up and handle Sankofa business.  These two ladies have different styles, but both are loving and cherished members of the Sankofa family!  We love you Sis. Lisa and Mama Khem.

Lisa and Khem


“In the Land of the Purple”

SFA’s senior class is out and about on their 6-8 week internships at various locations across the city. The internships are taking place at the following sites:


Archdiocese of Philadelphia NDS
The Attic
Best Behavioral Health Care
The Birth Center
Brenna Law Firm
Burton Innovations
Campaign for Working Families
Clear Air Council

Carson Valley Children’s Aid
Daddy University
Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School
Youth United for Change
Drexel College of Medicine
Imani Education Cir
cle Charter School
snr Kipp Philadelphia Charter School
Mothers in Charge

 OIC of America
 The Philadelphia Police Department
 The Office of Council Woman Maria Sanchez
The Office of State Representative Jason Dawkins

 Turning Points for Children