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 Mission and Vision

Sankofa Freedom Academy is a college preparatory K-12 freedom school that will build on the Philadelphia Freedom Schools model to increase literacy and numeracy levels throughout the community, promote respect for scholarship, servant leadership, conflict resolution, and cultural democracy. Through the use of African Centered and culturally responsive methodologies, Sankofa Freedom Academy will engender in its students, staff, and community a love for learning, pride in heritage and a commitment to personal and societal transformation. By operationalizing the adage, “each one / teach one”, Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School will build intergenerational learning communities in which each and every person is responsible to learn in order to teach, and teach in order to build a better world.

Title I Parent Notification

Greetings Parent/Guardian, Sankofa receives Title I funding and is included under the regulations of the “No Child Left Behind Act” (NCLB) that was signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002. NCLB is designed to improve student achievement by increasing federal involvement in public education both at the state and local level. NCLB requires significant changes to schools that receive Title I funding. To see the details, please click here.

Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama:

Tell Them We Are Rising!


Welcome Family, to our 10th year of teaching, learning, loving, and growing together ! We have definitely begun our tenth year starting off strong with students who are excited to learn and teachers
and staff who are eager and enthusiastic about working together to help our children fulfill their Nia (purpose).

Our theme this year is taken from a quote by Richard Wright the educator and businessman. When someone asked immediately after slavery what was the message the Black people of the south
wanted to send the the people of the North, young 12 year old Richard Wright said, Tell them We Are Rising! It is so appropriate that our theme this year comes from the voice of a young person.

This is a year that we want to create more space for the voices of our children. They have so much on their hearts and minds. So much that they can give and so much that they can teach us. It is our responsibility to give them the tools to be able to express themselves and to emphasize the values that will help them express messages that have the power to change the world for the better. This week, I got a chance to spend time with the mighty nation of
Kemet 3. Some of these young people were children in our kindergarten when we opened in 2009. One of the questions that they asked is what motivates me to continue to want to open a school. I found myself thinking back years ago when our parents wanted a school for their children that would provide the kind of education that children experience in freedom school in the summer. They wanted their children to have an education where they could be safe, loved, proud of who they are, and ready to make a difference the world.

Because of the faith, hard work, and prayers of parents, educators, community members, and young people, here we are. We are ready to turn our good into our better and our better into our best. It’s October and I can already feel it. We really are rising! Look for our children this year to become better readers, better writers, better mathematicians, historians, scientists and agents of change in the world.

To make sure that your children are successful, we hope you will work with us. Please come to our next
Wazuri meeting on October 9, so that we can elect officers, make plans for the year, and inform you about our programs. SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO SATURDAY SCHOOL so they can get the help they need to strengthen areas that need strengthening whether academic or behavior. We expect to begin our Saturday school program on Saturday October 13th with grades 3-12. You should have already received forms so return them as soon as possible. Trust and believe, one class at a time, one book at a time, one math problem at a time, one experiment, one Saturday class, one tutorial session, one internship, one trip...step by step we will climb, We will succeed! We will rise! Thank you for joining us on our journey upwards!
Peace and Love!



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